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SAP B1 Apparel

SAP B1 Apparel

SAP Business One Add-on For the Apparel and Clothing Industry

SAP Business One is a powerful ERP that can be used to manage the processes of a wide range of businesses. However, there are certain processes that SAP Business One can’t manage – let’s accept this fact. But since SAP Business One has the benefit of having an ecosystem created by SAP, there are add-ons that enable this ERP to rise above its limitations.

Small and medium-sized retail companies belonging to the clothing and apparel industry use SAP Business One for its simplicity and affordability. Yes, many of the processes used in this industry can be handled by SAP Business One. However, there are some aspects of processes in the clothing and apparel industry that SAP Business One fails to deliver. This is where our apparel add-on for SAP Business One comes in.

Limitations of SAP Business One That Our Apparel Add-on Addresses

When it comes to the apparel industry, the biggest limitation of SAP Business One is adding multi-level or parent-child-based properties to the items. Here’s an explanation of this limitation-
Scenario: Suppose you have the data of a specific kind of t-shirt in the item master data.

What SAP Business One Can Do

  • It can add as many as 64 attributes for an item.
  • It can add single level item attributes. This means you can add attributes against a specific item.
  • It can store attributes of a specific item in the BoM.

What SAP Business One Can’t Do Natively

  • It can’t add parent items so that child items can be listed under parent items.
  • It can’t add multi-level item attributes. This means you can’t specify a broad item attribute. Hence, there is no provision of child items sharing those broad attributes along with the child item’s unique attributes.
  • It can’t combine the attributes of a parent item with those of a child item to create an advanced BoM.

The Apparel Add-on From Triz Technologies Enables SAP Business One To Rise Above These Limitations

Triz Technologies has come up with an SAP Business One add-on that’s tailor-made for the apparel and clothing industry.

A Multi-Level Item Master Data

The apparel industry works with products that can have a wide range of similar attributes.
  • A company can sell hundreds of t-shirts of different colours and textures with five similar attributes - the size, the gender for which the t-shirt is made, the material with which the t-shirt is made, the fitting attribute and the warehouse from where it will be dispatched.
  • This means you can combine these attributes and create a parent item having these attributes. You can do this with our apparel add-on.
  • Now, you can further create child items having those five attributes from the parent item - along with extra attributes specific to those child items.
  • For example, a t-shirt with the colour red and having the same five attributes as the parent item can be put into the child item field. The extra attribute here is the colour red. The other attributes are replicated from the parent item.
Map Item Code With a Set of Attributes
Segregating clothing items on the basis of just item codes or batch numbers can be a little problematic as far as the apparel industry is concerned. You can’t quickly figure out which item code denotes what kind of items. Why? Because as we said earlier, clothing items can have similar attributes with one or two differences.

This is why Triz Technologies has come up with an add-on for the clothing industry that enables you to map an item number with a set of attributes. So, for instance, item number 1245 can denote an item having a specific size attribute, material attribute, and gender attribute. The benefit? You can identify products by item numbers easily without wasting valuable time figuring it out. 

Store a Set of Attributes In the BoM Module

Since multiple clothing items can have similar attributes with just one or two differences, having a system that can replicate a set of attributes associated with a parent item while creating a BoM can dramatically save time and help you avoid data entry mistakes.
The apparel add-on from Triz Technologies enhances the BoM module of SAP Business One. You can now mirror the attributes of a parent item and add more attributes if needed while issuing a production order using BoM. 

Enhance the Capabilities of SAP Business One
Automate and Manage Your Apparel Business Process the Apparel Add-on From Triz Technologies.