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E- Invoicing

Automate GST SAP E-Invoicing Solution in India With SAP B1 Add-on By Triz Technologies

B2B companies with a Rs.5 crore turnover in a financial year must submit A/R invoices to the GST portal within 7 days – compulsorily. However, the problem is, raising the A/R invoices in a proper format requires some technical knowledge of Excel and JSON. This is where our GST SAP E-invoicing solution add-on for SAP Business One comes in. If your business is already running on SAP Business One, you can leverage the GST E-invoice add-on for SAP B1 and seamlessly upload your A/R invoice to the GST portal.

SAP e-invoicing solution India
SAP e-invoicing solution in Kolkata

Challenges of Using IRP or Excel for SAP E-Invoicing Solution in India

If you try to use IRP or Excel, you need to manually enter the transaction data, details about your business, details about your customer’s business, details about GST being charged, and a whole lot of other data. Just imagine the amount of time, effort (and perhaps patience) you’ll need to fill in all these details.
Secondly, if you go by the easy route – reporting invoices using IRP, you still need manual data entry. Yes, it’s possible to integrate IRP with your accounting software, but it means that you have to depend on a separate software for submitting the invoices.
No Need To Use A Third-Party Platform For E-Invoicing Solution. Your SAP Business One Can Be Made Capable For E-Invoicing With Our Custom Add-on 

SAP Business One Does Not Natively Support SAP E-Invoicing

SAP Business One does not have native capabilities to submit A/R invoices directly to the GST portal. It does not have the capability to ‘talk’ to the GST portal via API.
This is where Triz Technologies comes in. Our GST SAP E-invoicing solution in India add-on for SAP Business One enables you to seamlessly push your A/R invoice to the GST portal without any manual data entry.

Triz Technologies Makes SAP Business One Capable of GST SAP E-Invoicing

With Our Custom E-Invoicing Add-on

Triz Technologies offers a custom E-Invoicing Add-on for SAP Business One. Say goodbye to the complexities associated with submitting your A/R invoices.

Generate E-Invoice In Just Three Steps with the E-Invoicing Add-on by Triz Technologies:


Generate the invoice using SAP Business One


Generate the invoice using SAP Business One


Click on the necessary button when a dialogue box pops up – that’s it!

Your invoice has been sent to the GSTN portal!
Once the GSTN portal responds with the IRN, QR number, and acknowledgement number, the SAP system – together with our E-invoicing add-on – integrates the data to the final A/R invoice that would be sent to the customer. 

Save Time, Avoid Frustration:
Use Our SAP E-Invoicing solution Add-on For SAP Business One

The SAP Business One custom add-on for SAP E-Invoicing solution in India by Triz Technologies is made for those businesses that don’t have the resources to keep up with stringent regulatory compliance.

The E-Invoicing Solution add-on by Triz Technologies automates your adherence to regulatory terms./b>

  • No Excel or JSON knowledge needed
  • No need to depend on your CA to file E-Invoices
  • No need to earmark additional time for uploading invoices to the GST portal
  • You can configure the add-on so that it pushes the A/R invoice as soon as it is generated
So, what are you waiting for?
Contact Triz Technologies Today Your Apparel Business Process
and make your SAP Business One ERP GST e-invoicing ready!